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Jeannine Lee Lake, who’s running against Rep. Greg Pence, says she’s receiving racist threats

A black woman running for a congressional seat in Indiana against Vice President Mike Pence’s brother says she is being inundated with threats and racist messages after the local Delaware County GOP published her address and contact details in a Facebook post.

“It’s terrifying to me,” Democrat Jeannine Lee Lake told the Associated Press. “Now, in the scope of where we’re at with this campaign, in terms of some of the negative things, the harassment that’s happened, I do feel like things are escalating quite a bit.”

Lake is running a long-shot bid for the GOP-controlled 6th District against incumbent Rep. Greg Pence. She told the network she was forced to call the police after one campaign rally when she thought she heard gunfire.

One man who left a voicemail for Lake called her a “Loudmouth frickin’ n—-r according to audio obtained by the Associated Press. In September, Lake reported acts of vandalism to the local sheriff’s office.

“I’m afraid, and I hate that I feel this way,” Lake told the network. “But all of these things together, it has my senses heightened — way more than during any campaigning before.”

Rep. Greg Pence
Rep. Greg PenceBill Clark/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

Greg Pence has denied any involvement in the mischief.

“Congressman Greg Pence does not condone any sort of this behavior and supports a full investigation,” said Kyle Robertson, a spokesman for Pence.


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