Jeremy Corbyn backing a second Brexit referendum is sickening betrayal of Leave voters and reversal of his manifesto pledges


SO that’s that. Labour WILL betray 17.4million Leave voters, as The Sun long ago predicted.

Corbyn has already committed to trying to postpone Brexit on March 29.

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Jeremy Corbyn backing a second referendum is a sickening reversal of his manifesto pledges[/caption]

His conditional agreement to back a second referendum is a sickening reversal of his manifesto pledges to honour the first.

Imagine how Labour’s millions of duped Leavers will feel if his duplicity ends up negating their Brexit vote — after they helped him to a half-decent election performance in 2017.

Most of Labour’s at-risk marginal seats, and those they need to win, voted Leave. But Labour’s more paralysing fear is more Remainer MPs abandoning the party. They have clearly decided to throw their Leavers under the bus.

The party is now in desperate straits.

It’s not just Brexit. For years it has rubbished claims that it has been over-run by racist anti-Semites and rabidly hard-Left conspiracy lunatics. Now ­Corbyn’s ally Jon Lansman, founder of Momentum, admits that it’s all true.

“We have a major problem,” he says. “It is obvious we have a much larger number of people with hardcore anti-Semitic opinions… polluting the atmosphere in constituency parties and online.”


Deputy Leader Tom Watson is in open revolt, launching a “party within a party” to prevent more moderates defecting.

It may be too late. Corbyn’s own anti-Semitic extremism attracted all the racists and cranks who have forced out one Jewish MP and her colleagues. All the while he has faced both ways on Brexit.

If he is about to pay the price for it all, it is well deserved.


Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson is already in open revolt[/caption]


Tough on terror

FOR too long we have allowed the supporters of terror to wave their sickening flags during protests on our streets.

Enjoying free speech protections, they have spread the lies and vicious hatred of one of the world’s most violently anti-Western and anti-Semitic groups.


UK supporters of the Iran-backed Hezbollah group face up to 10 years in prison from next month[/caption]

Police have had to let goons march through London with Hezbollah banners emblazoned with an assault rifle.
Compare our politicians’ response: Corbyn called the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorists “friends”.

Tory Home Secretary Sajid Javid has outlawed them entirely. Supporters could get ten years in jail.

The Sun applauds him.

Ours is a famously tolerant country.

It will not stay that way unless we get tougher on those aiming to destroy it.


Oscars queen

YOU don’t normally achieve full “national treasure” status at just 45.


Olivia Colman has become a national treasure thanks to her Oscar win[/caption]

But Olivia Colman — of Peep Show, Broadchurch, The Favourite and many more — did so even before she bagged her magnificent Best Actress Oscar.

We all love a British winner.

But who couldn’t warm to one so charming, down-to-earth and plain fun?



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