Jeremy Corbyn backs second referendum – what does this mean for Brexit?


JEREMY Corbyn carried out a U-turn today – promising Labour will back efforts to get a second referendum on Brexit.

But a so-called “people’s vote” is still some way away – with several more steps needed before it could actually happen.

Jeremy Corbyn says he’s backing a second referendum

And Westminster insiders suspect Mr Corbyn’s move is more to do with keeping his MPs happy than trying to overturn Brexit – given his lifelong suspicion of the EU.

On Wednesday, the Commons will vote on the way forward for Brexit.

One of the amendments debated will express support for Labour’s alternative Brexit deal which would keep Britain in the EU customs union.

Only if that motion fails – as seems almost certain – will Mr Corbyn formally back a second referendum.

Theresa May has vowed to bring her deal back to Parliament by March 12, and if it passes then Britain WILL quit the EU.

But if it fails, MPs will get a chance to vote on the next steps – and that would be the moment for Labour to try and force a referendum.

Even if Labour, the SNP, Lib Dems and Independents win enough Tory support to get a “people’s vote”, it’s not clear what form the referendum would take.

No one knows whether it would have two or three choices on the ballot paper – with the PM’s deal, No Deal and Remain all potential outcomes.

And to give Britain enough time for a second referendum, the EU would have to allow a delay of several months to the ongoing Brexit process – otherwise we’ll crash out on March 29.

Mr Corbyn has previously resisted all moves to reverse Brexit despite pleas from pro-EU Labour activists.

Today’s move comes after nine of his MPs quit last week, with eight forming the anti-Brexit Independent Group.

It could end up backfiring by panicking Tory Brexiteers into voting for Mrs May’s deal because they’re worried it’s the only way to deliver Brexit at all.

Theresa May has resisted moves for a so-called ‘people’s vote’
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