Jeremy Corbyn is politically unfit to be PM — physically frail or not


Frail or not, Jez is failing as leader

JEREMY Corbyn’s leadership is crumbling.

Many in his own ranks doubt whether the 70-year-old is physically and mentally fit enough to lead Labour into a general election.

Jeremy Corbyn is politically unfit to be PM — physically frail or not
PA:Press Association

It now appears that top civil servants also fear he is frail and struggling to keep on top of foreign affairs and events at home.

Calamity Corbyn is the puppet of a tiny cabal of manipulative, hard-Left party enforcers such as union boss Len McCluskey and spin doctor Seumas Milne.

In this murky world former party workers are forced to sign gagging orders so they cannot reveal what is really going on.

These are the same non-disclosure agreements that Labour slammed when they were used by disgraced businessmen such as Philip Green.

Meanwhile Labour’s ludicrous two-faced position on Brexit and its failure to tackle anti-Semitism leave the party adrift. Rumours are even swirling that Mr Corbyn may have to step down at this autumn’s party conference, with the little-known Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey crowned as the new Labour supremo.

The leadership contest for the Tory party may appear chaotic, but at least it is being fought out in the open with party activists able to quiz the candidates.

Isn’t it time Mr Corbyn faced up to the fact that many within his own party believe he is a spent force, propped up by a culture of bullying and intimidation?

We’ve always known he is politically unfit for office.

Now it turns out he may not be physically up to it either.

Take a hike, BBC bosses

HOW can the BBC justify paying its stars another £10million when it is axing the free TV licence for over-75s?

How does the BBC justify paying its stars another £10million?

The Corporation lavished £157million on its on-air talent, a rise of nearly seven per cent. Boris Johnson is right to warn that the “Brexit Bashing Corporation” has to change its ways.

As it prepares to clobber millions of hard-up pensioners, the BBC’s spending looks grotesque.

Glast of the summer fine

GLASTONBURY is in full swing, Wimbledon starts tomorrow and the weather is finally turning gorgeous.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, and a scorching summer may have arrived at last. Let’s hope the lovely weather continues today.

Sun on Sunday is unbeatable.


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