Jeremy Corbyn is radicalising young people and deliberately seeking votes of anti-Semites, Maureen Lipman blasts


JEREMY Corbyn has been “radicalising” students with a pro-Palestine agenda, Corrie star Maureen Lipman claimed today.

The veteran actress accused the Labour boss of deliberately failing to stamp down on anti-Semitism because voters don’t care about it.

Corrie star Maureen Lipman blasted Jeremy Corbyn
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Labour blasted the extraordinary tirade as “absurd and baseless”.

Ms Lipman, a fierce critic of Mr Corbyn, insisted the party leader has the power to stop Labour anti-Semitism.

She told the BBC: “If they wanted to cure anti-Semitism they could have done it in an afternoon – it just takes a couple of statements and it takes Jeremy to stop going on the campuses and radicalising people about Palestine.”

Accusing him of ignoring the views of Jewish people, Ms Lipman added: “We’re no votes for Jeremy and co, we’re no votes for anyone, half of us have left anyway.

“The big votes are with people who are vaguely anti-Semitic.”

She said Mr Corbyn is “much more interested in the plight of the Palestinians than the plight of anyone in this country”.

A Labour spokesman said: “These are absurd and baseless claims.

“Jeremy has a long and principled record of solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposition to illegal occupation and discrimination.”

Ms Lipman was previously a staunch Labour backer before abandoning the party uner Ed Miliband’s leadership.

She has been a Corrie regular since last August having previously had a stint on the show in 2002.

Mr Corbyn has been accused of failing to stamp out anti-Semitism
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