Jeremy Corbyn is too blindingly thick to notice that his party is full of racists


Labour stench

HOW can decent people stomach the Labour Party any more?

Only two political parties have ever been investigated by Britain’s racism watchdog. The BNP and now, incredibly, Labour.

How can anyone argue that Corbyn and his acolytes are fit for office?

That’s how far this once great party has sunk.

The virus of anti-Semitism has found its way into seemingly every part of the Labour movement. The response from the very top, in case after depressing case, has been nothing short of pathetic.

The most charitable interpretation of Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of interest in the issue is that he’s too blindingly thick to notice that his party is full of racists.

The less generous version would point out that he’s neck-deep in anti- Semitism himself.

Even this investigation doesn’t seem to have caused much concern at Labour HQ. They’ve responded with denials, allegations and deflection tactics.

The disastrous showing of ChangeUK at the European elections might be seen as a message to the remaining few Labour moderates that there is no point quitting, that ballot box oblivion awaits anybody running outside of the party.

But how can you stay? How can you argue, with a straight face, that Corbyn and his acolytes are fit for office?

For the moderates, the Party’s over.

Fighting fraud

SO-CALLED “bank transfer fraud” is slowly turning into the next PPI scandal.

Banks should follow the example of TSB and put a proper guarantee in place indefinitely
Getty – Contributor

So we can welcome the voluntary code whereby banks promise to pay back customers who through no fault of their own have been defrauded to the tune of thousands of pounds.

But it’s high time they went further, not just signing up to something that lasts only until the end of the year.

Instead they should follow the example of TSB, and put a proper guarantee in place indefinitely.

The banks have never woken up to how badly their reputation was damaged by the financial crisis.

TSB’s guarantee is a welcome step towards restoring that trust.

New blues

NOBODY has a monopoly on good ideas in the Conservative Party.

The leadership contest is also a chance for a wider renewal of the Tory party
Getty Images – Getty

And while the Tories must avoid their leadership contest turning into a circular firing squad, we’re excited to hear what some of the relative unknowns have to say about the future of the UK.

Let’s be honest: with notable exceptions, the current Cabinet hasn’t exactly been bursting with energy in recent months. Getting some newer blood out and about is no bad thing — in fact, their rise to prominence is long overdue.

This is a fight for the leadership. But it’s also a chance for a wider renewal of the Tory party.

Goodness knows it needs it.



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