Jeremy Hunt shot himself in both feet with ‘Little England’ swipe over Brexit


Hunt affront

JEREMY Hunt shot himself in both feet with his “Little England” swipe over Brexit.

We agree with his call for a “positive, open and internationalist” Britain, not one that raises the drawbridge. The point of leaving for us was to open up our economy beyond the Brussels club.

Jeremy Hunt branded Brexit-voting Brits ‘Little Englanders’ – big mistake
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But there are two problems with a Tory leadership finalist wanting to “deliver a Brexit that works for the 48 per cent, not just the 52 per cent . . . Great Britain not Little England”.

The first being that many of the 48 don’t want any form of it, “working for them” or not, and are still desperate to kill it.
The second being the implication that they want “Great Britain” while Leavers want an insular “Little England” — when there is no evidence that’s true.

It may be just a badly worded remark. But we suspect it may also reveal a lurking prejudice about Leavers which the Foreign Secretary and too many ­fellow Remainers still harbour.

When you’re trying to win over Eurosceptic Tory members, and then Brexit Party voters, that’s fatal.

Puppet Corbyn

IT is now obvious from Labour’s Brexit paralysis who would run a Corbyn Government: union boss “Red Len” McCluskey and vile Stalin apologist Seumas Milne.

Most of Corbyn’s party are screaming at him to back a second referendum and campaign to Remain. His deputy, Shadow Chancellor, Brexit spokesman and other frontbenchers side with the Remain-voting members. Corbyn can’t.

A PM Corbyn would be the puppet of vile Stalin apologist Seumas Milne

Milne and Unite chief McCluskey are opposed. And they call the shots.

In power, Corbyn’s national decisions would be dictated to him by the unions.

Which is not to say Red Len is wrong on Brexit. In the latest major survey, 57 per cent of Brits now back leaving in some form. Remain is down to just 43.

Labour could back this minority and promise them their losers’ vote, hoping to lure middle-class urban Remainers back from the Lib Dems. But betraying its working-class Leavers could sacrifice dozens of seats it needs for power.

You thought the Tories had problems.

Fund Our Boys

IT’S time the Government did right by our depleted and demoralised forces — with a decent pay rise.

For years they were held to the 1 per cent public sector pay cap the Tories imposed to help fix the finances Gordon Brown destroyed.

The Government must give our depleted and demoralised armed forces a pay rise
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But recruits are now paid the equivalent of £1,159 less than in 2010. The starting salary is still just £18,859.

That cannot be right. Especially when we are told austerity is over.

It’s Armed Forces Day this Saturday. The Government should celebrate it with a decent bung to our heroes.


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