Jeremy Kyle slams guest who shows ‘sex tape’ to ‘prove’ she’s slept with cousin’s boyfriend … 17 years ago


JEREMY Kyle blasted a guest during this morning’s show after she falsely claimed she had a sex tape that proved she’d had relations with her cousin’s boyfriend.

Alicia was adamant she had sex with Stuart in a field 17 years ago – but he furiously denied it because she looks “‘looks like four Teletubies that have been squashed together’”.

Stuart insisted he didn’t have sex with Alicia

She claimed she had recorded proof of their encounter on camera… but the recording seemed to be nothing more than a blurry shot of a car park.

Stuart was on the show because he wanted Alicia to leave him and his new girlfriend – who’s her second cousin – alone, and stop trying to destroy their relationship.

Stuart explained: “She’s obsessed with me, she wants to destroy my relationship.”

He denied having sex with Alicia, insisting her claims were rubbish.

Alicia claimed she had sex with Stuart in a field
She claimed this tape proved the encounter… but Jezza was sceptical

But she stuck to her guns and insisted the incident did take place.

She said: “It was rubbish. It was vanilla as I call it.

“It was a drunken one night stand in a field 17 years ago and I’ve got the video to prove it.”

However, the video didn’t seem to include any sex – and Jeremy wasn’t impressed.

He slammed his guest for trying to use the video as proof
But she was adamant the encounter took place

He quipped: “That looked like a car park next to the studio!”

Before Alicia came out onto the stage, Jezza read out some of the nasty things Stuart had said about her.

He said: “You said she looks like the back end of a dog!”

Stuart added: “She looks frankly like four Teletubies that have been squashed together.

Stuart had some rather choice words about Alicia

“She used to be pretty now she’s a monster.

“She’s trying to sabotage my perfect relationship because I think she fancies me.

“If I’d slept with her I’d have known about it.

“And I wouldn’t do it in a field, I prefer a bed, I like the comfort.”

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