Jermaine Jackson’s fury over new shock King of Pop documentary


The 64-year-old defended the late King of Pop against new child sex-abuse claims. 

Fresh allegations are made in the documentary Leaving Neverland.

In it, James Safechuck, pictured left with Jacko, and Wade Robson claim they were abused as children.

Former Celeb Big Brother star Jermaine said of his brother sharing a bed with boys: “Those were slumber parties, there were girls there even with their parents, uncles, they were watching movies, having cookies, having fun, popcorn.

“Michael said: ‘Why do people relate the bed to sex?’ which shows his innocence, Michael’s a big kid.” 

When asked by Piers Morgan if he was certain Michael was innocent, Jermaine said: “Piers, I’m 1,000% sure because Michael was tried by a jury and he was acquitted on all of this.

“Our family are tired, very tired.

“Let this man rest.” 

He added that the family were still considering legal action. 


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