Jill Dando’s brother gives disturbing new theory on her shocking murder


Jill was shot in the head at point blank range outside her London flat 20 years ago, in an unsolved crime that shocked the nation. 

Nigel Dando, 67, says many people claiming to have leads have approached him since her death.

While he admits police made a “number of mistakes” in their inquiry, the former journalist believes her killer was a “misguided individual”. 

“I don’t think it was a Serbian hit man or member of the criminal underworld.

“Both of those theories would have had to involve more than one person.

jill and nigel dando

INVESTIGATION: Nigel says many people have approached him with leads (Pic: BRISTOL POST/SWNS/GETTY)

“I think the general principle was that it was a misguided individual who happened to be in the street where Jill lived. I think someone was armed and struck lucky.

“Maybe they wanted some sort of notoriety, and then could go back to their life and watch the police try to work out who did it.”

Had it been an organised hit, Nigel believes that police would have made a breakthrough by this point. 

Metropolitan Police launched Operation Oxborough to probe Jill’s death, eventually convicting a man in 2001 who served time in prison.

Jill Dando

SENSELESS: Jill was shot in the head at point blank range outside her London flat (Pic: GETTY)

“I think someone was armed and struck lucky”

Nigel Dando

However, evidence that initially convicted Barry George was later deemed inadmissible at a retrial in 2008. 

He was then acquitted and the hunt for Jill’s killer continues. 

Nigel continued: “I’ve been contacted by people who have been involved in seances, people who’ve had visions.

“I’ve always tried, politely, to dissuade people from going further with it. It sounds tough, but it’s just nonsense. 

“I respect their views, but I don’t have time for that sort of stuff.”

Nigel and Jill grew up in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, where a garden was built in tribute to her. 

Located in Grove Park, Nigel said he tries to visit whenever he is in town. 

He said: “If I’m down there in the summer I usually try to have a little look in. I feel quite gratified to see the number of people who are still looking around it,” he said.

“They might not necessarily know who Jill was – here we are, 20 years on – but it’s a nice legacy to remember her by. It’s a quiet space in quite a busy park.”


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