Jon Stewart Praises 'Trump DOJ' in Urging 9/11 Victims Funding


Former Comedy Central star Jon Stewart on Monday heaped praise on the Department of Justice under President Donald Trump for its management of a 9/11 victims compensation fund that is running out of money.

The onetime host of “The Daily Show” — who has often skewered Trump — was in Washington to join lawmakers in fighting cuts to benefits being received by first responders.

A video of the remarks was posted on YouTube.

“The Trump Justice Department is doing an excellent job in administering this program,” Stewart said. “The claims are going through faster and the awards are coming through.”

“I’m not going to comment on anything else,” he added. “But that’s why we’re in the problem that we’re in, is the program works exactly like it’s supposed to.”

He declared: “Now, it’s Congress’ job to fund it properly.”

Stewart said the proper funding “comes down to 12 Republicans on the Senate side” needed to vote to help replenish the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

And the fact there even needs to be a debate about this is “bulls**t,” he lamented.

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