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Kate Garraway calls out Jeremy Hunt as he tries to dodge Hancock probe 'Can't let you off'

Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins welcomed Jeremy Hunt onto Good Morning Britain today to quiz the health and social care secretary on the Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The pair were keen to find out what Hunt thought of his predecessor, Matt Hancock, but as he squirmed and tried to avoid their probing, Garraway called him out.

Garraway asked: “Do you look back at not getting the leadership and not being a health secretary right now as dodging a bullet. How do you think Matt Hancock is doing?”

Hunt replied: “Well I think Matt is being incredibly resilient. I know what it’s like to be behind his desk and although I didn’t have a pandemic, I had four winter crises and I had a flu epidemic.

“It’s incredibly tough, he has extraordinary energy. I was in the cabinet for nine years so I know what it’s like to be under a lot of pressure. 

“I’m very happy now to be spending more time being a slightly better dad hopefully than I was before.”

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