Kate Garraway stuns Good Morning Britain fans as she asks Richard Madeley ‘what is it like to be a dick?’


KATE Garraway left Good Morning Britain fans stunned today when she asked Richard Madeley, “what’s it like to be a dick?”

Kate, 43, couldn’t resist making the gag as Richard told viewers he takes no notice of the rude play on his name – despite new UKIP leader, Richard Braine, moaning about people calling him dickbrain.

Richard said: “Well listen, I’m called Richard which is often shortened to Dick. And many of you call me Dick. But at least I’m not called, well I am sometimes I am, called, Dick Brain.

“Mr Braine, the moment you ask people not to call you dickbrain they’ll call you dickbrain.

And Kate replied: “What is it like to be a Dick? Is it tough in life?”

Continuing the comedy moment, Richard said: “Well basically after a lifetime of being a Dick, you adapt to it. You know, my own daughter calls me Dickie, which is a softening, and you adapt to it.”

Richard Madeley told Richard Braine to ‘grow up’ after he moaned about people calling him dickbrain

He added: “So Mr Braine, I don’t know how old you are Mr Braine but really, get over yourself. Really, it’s just a joke. Grow up man.”


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