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Kate Middleton wears Princess Diana's 'timeless' jewellery to show 'connection' to royal

The Duchess of Cambridge has borrowed pieces of jewellery from the Queen thought to be worth millions of pounds.

She has also been seen wearing items from the collection of Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana.

Some pieces from Diana’s collection were passed on to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, 36.

While Prince Harry originally got his mother’s engagement ring, this was passed on to Prince William, who gave it to Kate when he proposed.

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The sapphire and diamond ring may be the most prominent piece of Diana’s jewellery Kate owns and she is rarely seen without it.

The ring has a central 12 carat oval sapphire that is set in white gold.

The Duchess has also borrowed jewels including her Collingwood pearl earrings and a sapphire set that matches her ring.

Both royals have also borrowed the Lover’s Knot Tiara from the Queen’s collection, which one one of Princess Diana’s favourite jewels while in the Royal Family.


Just last week, Kate was seen at Buckingham Palace wearing a pair of sapphire earrings that were thought to be Princess Diana’s.

Not only are the jewels stunning to look at, she could have a more personal reason for sporting Diana’s collection.

Wearing the items could highlight the similarities between the royals, Le Vian CEO Eddie LeVian claimed.

“There is nothing quite like jewellery with a sense of history,” he told Express.co.uk.

“When it comes to the royals, a jewel with a story endures forever.

“When I see Kate wearing jewels that once belonged to Princess Diana, it always serves to highlight that these two women are global icons of style who bring endless fascination.”

Whenever the Duchess is seen out, she gathers attention that is reminiscent of when Princess Diana was in the Royal Family.

The mother-of-three could also wear the jewellery for a more “personal” reason.

Kate did not get to meet Princess Diana before she died in 1997.

However, both royals were similar in that they married into the Royal Family.

The Duchess could use her jewellery to connect with Diana, Eddie suggested.

He added: “There is a poignancy when we see Kate wearing jewels that once belonged to her husband’s late mother Princess Diana, a woman she never met in person.

“Jewellery, worn next to the skin, is in my view the most personal of all accessories.

“These beautiful royal jewels somehow connect these women’s journeys, and the milestones in their lives.”


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