Kate Middleton wedding: Duchess’ dress had this significant nod to Royal Family


Kate Middleton has been married to Prince William since 29 April 2011, when they wed at Westminster Abbey. After the wedding, she became the Duchess of Cambridge and it looks like she has fit into the family very well. Not only is Kate a full-time royal, her role is likely to become even more important in the future if Prince William becomes King, and this is something she has always been aware of. At her wedding, the Duchess wore a stunning custom-made design which had a sweet nod to her new family and the importance of her new role.

What was the dress like?

For the big day, Kate opted for a Victorian-inspired design from the fashion label, Alexander McQueen.

Made by British designer, Sarah Burton, Kate got to have her say and was involved in the design of the dress.

The garment had a lace sleeves and a fitted bodice which pulled in at the waist before continuing into a full skirt.

She also styled this with a veil and a train which was nine-feet-long.

While collaborating on the dress, it would appear she used some subtle signs to hint to the royals and her future role as Queen Consort.

What did her dress mean?

The lace design on the bodice of the dress linked to Kate’s future role as it gave a nod to her country.

In the stitching, there was a lace pattern which had a lot of significance as the design of a rose, thistles and shamrock were incorporated in.

These symbols are usually associated with England, Scotland and Ireland and link to the Royal Family’s role through all of the UK.

Kate wanted the design to be similar to other royals and she asked for the garment to feature traditional elements.


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