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Kate's 'tainted' status saw Duchess 'pushed out' of royal circles – 'What a disgrace!'


The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, was “tainted” by her upbringing as the royal struggled to make a good impression with aristocrats. While dating William, Kate worked for her parents party supplies company and was pushed out of royal circles due to her association. Royal author Tom Quinn explained on Channel 5 documentary, William and Kate: Too Good to Be True, that Kate was seen as a “disgrace” by old-fashioned people.

Mr Quinn said: “The old Etonians, they saw Kate’s background where she worked for a company, her parents’ company.

“The old-fashioned part of the Palace didn’t like it at all.

“Powerful people cannot help in many cases looking down on other people and wanting to preserve their little club.

“Kate was pushed out because she was tainted by association with this family who sold party hats, what a disgrace.”

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The revelation comes as Kate and Prince William, 37, have stepped up their royal duties in the coronavirus pandemic as the Queen, 94, continues to self-isolate at Windsor Castle.

Royal historian, Marlene Koenig, explained the Cambridges need to take on more responsibilities in preparation for them ascending to the throne.

She noted more focus is on Kate and William as their reign is likely to be longer than Prince Charles’.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Ms Koenig said: “Let’s be realistic here, the Queen’s 94 years old.

“You can’t just say, ‘I’m going to take over that’, that’s not how it works.

“But they do need to be cognisant and I’m sure they are that now is the time and having COVID has made it much more possible for them to be much more prominent.”

The insight comes as royal researcher Bob Morris explained that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will be Queen but may not be crowned at the same time as Charles.

He told Express.co.uk: “She will be Queen, how she is described is another matter.

“I think Kensington Palace reasonably denied that she will be known as Queen but in law she is Queen.”


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