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Katya Jones and Nicola Adams said to need 'help' from pro Neil Jones for Strictly 2020

Katya Jones, 31, and Nicola Adams have been announced as Strictly Come Dancing’s first same-sex pairing of the BBC competition that returned tonight. The couple are said to need some extra “help” from professional dancer Neil Jones, who was chosen not to have a celebrity partner in this year’s series.

It comes after former professional dancer James Jordan, 42, expressed his thoughts on the new couple of the series via Twitter.

In view of his 269,000 followers, he wrote: “Nicola and Katya

“If anyone can make this work it’s Katya, plus if she gets some help from the genius that is Neil Jones they could bring something different to the show #Strictly.”

It wasn’t long before many Strictly viewers weighed in to express their thoughts on James’ remarks.


One impressed fan replied: “Two brilliantly talented and creative female athletes. Why on earth do you think they need a bloke to be successful?

“I want to see what these women can do.”

Another disagreed and wrote: “I agree. It’s just a shame @Mr_NJones doesn’t have a partner this year. X.”

“Gonna be so interesting!!” a third shared.

“Katya is the best choreographer on Strictly.”


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