Katya Jones axed from Strictly line-up over sleazy snog with Seann Walsh


STRICTLY’S Katya Jones has been axed from the main line-up over her snog with dance partner Seann Walsh.

BBC bosses keen to save the show’s family image have decided the Russian, 29, should not be paired with a celeb. A source said: “Katya’s gutted. She knows she’s being punished.”

Katya Jones, 29, who wows in a bikini, will not be paired with a celebrity dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing this year
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Katya faces double heartache — as bosses look to replace her with humiliated hubby Neil.

The Russian beauty, 29, has told pals she is being punished for her hook-up with Seann Walsh, who she was caught snogging in the last series.

Bosses, desperate to clean up the show’s image, have issued the ultimatum: “Accept a reduced role as a back-up or walk away.”

Regular reserve Neil, 36, is now being lined up to get his first chance as a star pairing.

The Russian beauty has been on the show since 2016
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A source said: “Katya knows she is being punished for her actions and the scandal she caused.

“She feels BBC bosses are saying she can’t be trusted to act professionally with a celebrity.

“It is frustrating as she has put so much time and effort into the new series.

“But producers were adamant. While they let her stay in the cast they can’t condone her behaviour or all the drama she caused. No one is bigger than the show.”

Katya’s infamous snog with Seann Walsh is thought to be behind the move to axe her from the main line-up

The source added: “The decision is bittersweet as Neil has been given the nod.

“Katya can’t leave as Strictly is still a huge gig, and she has to support Neil like he has done for her so many years.”

Katya and dance partner Seann, 33, threw the show into crisis last October when they were snapped snogging in a London street after a late-night drinking session.

Sean’s girlfriend, actress Rebecca Humphries, 31, was left devastated and threw out the comedian.


Neil and Katya have remained together despite her cheating scandal
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Katya’s husband Neil is now being lined up to get his first chance as a star pairing
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This month the show’s reputation took another hit when it emerged last year’s winner Stacey Dooley, 32, is dating her dance partner Kevin Clifton, 36.

Stacey’s ex Sam Tucknott, 30, lashed out at Strictly’s “sleaziness” and branded Kevin a “rat”.

Many other celebrities and pro dancers have seen relationships crumbled since the show started in 2004 — unable to resist the chemistry forged backstage.

In 2015 Georgia May Foote split with boyfriend Sean Ward weeks before she started officially dating her partner Giovanni Pernice.

Sources close to the dancer said she feels ‘BBC bosses are saying she can’t be trusted to act professionally with a celebrity’
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TV host Rachel Riley split with her husband Jamie Gilbert and is still dating her 2013 partner Pasha Kovalev.

Yesterday 2015 winner Jay McGuiness, 28, hinted there were more secret backstage romances.

Speaking on Loose Women the ex-Wanted singer said: “There’s a bunch of stuff that goes on that you think, ‘Wow I’m really surprised that no one knows about this’.

“It’s just a bunch of really mad people in close proximity that don’t normally hang out.

Katya and dance partner Seann, 33, threw the show into crisis after they were pictured snogging
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“You have like athletes and pop stars and newsreaders, all together.”

He also accused the crew members of fuelling the curse. He added: “The make-up women love a gossip. They’ll be saying, ‘Oh I think he likes you’ and ‘She likes you.’ They stir it.”

Our TV insider admitted: “The romance between Kevin and Stacey has caused further headaches for producers who can’t risk any more sleaze.

“They are constantly trying to kill talk of the Strictly curse. They’re desperate to maintain family brand after the curse has become too much to handle in recent weeks.

TV insiders say the romance between Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley has caused ‘further headaches for producers’
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“The graphic photos of Katya snogging Seann are still etched into everyone’s minds so it’s just easier to have Katya in the background as she is a constant reminder of the cheating scandal.”

Katya and Neil wed in 2013 after a long romance.

She has been on Strictly for four years and shot to fame over her hilarious routines with bumbling ex-Labour minister Ed Balls.

In 2017 she won the Glitterball trophy with ex-Holby City actor Joe McFadden.

Katya is currently rehearsing with colleagues for the UK tour. Earlier this week she insisted Strictly was still a family show.

Speaking at a fake tan launch in London she said: “Do families and grandmas still watch it? Yes. So there you go.”

Katya's paid the price for Strictly sleaze

By Dan Wootton, Associate Editor

FINALLY the BBC has had enough of the sleazy shaggers running rampant behind the scenes on Strictly Come Dancing.

After its highly-regarded judge Darcey Bussell waltzed off in one big strop because the show was becoming more about sex than salsa, bosses knew action had to be taken.

The victim: married pro Katya Jones.

Like Kristina Rihanoff before her, she is being unceremoniously ushered off the shiny ballroom floor for being far too much of a vixen.

The final straw was her very public snog with her comedian dance partner Seann Walsh, which created more drama on last year’s show than anything on screen.

It showed just how brazen the saucy antics behind the scenes have become.

Despite both being in high-profile relationships, neither Katya nor Seann thought anything of getting off with one another in front of members of the public at a pub when they should have been rehearsing.

So imagine what goes on backstage when no one with a camera is watching?

While Seann was very much a willing participant in this low-rent affair, Strictly’s new chief Sarah James is sending a very clear message to the professional dancers: Start acting professionally.

How can bosses constantly parrot in public that the family show is about dance techniques when most of the rumba practice is actually taking place in the bedroom?

But with Katya axed from the series how the heck does reigning champ Kevin Clifton get to keep his job?

If one pro has done more to damage the squeaky-clean image of the show it’s Mr Grimsby – the man who you end up dancing with just before your previously healthy relationship implodes.

After a year with not-for-turning lesbian Susan Calman (I wonder why he was paired with her?), bosses thought headstrong and loved-up documentary maker Stacey Dooley would resist his charms.

That lasted all of five minutes. Despite even becoming friends with her poor then-boyfriend – who in true Strictly scandal tradition had been dragged to the front row to applaud in front of the cameras – Kev and Stace are now a full-on item.

No one’s business, she says. Which is true to an extent.

But it’s fair enough for the public who voted for her thinking she was a loyal girlfriend to feel a little peeved.

On a personal level, I don’t care who any of these dancers choose to have sex with. It’s all good fun and provides endless hilarious stories.

To be honest, there are many more high-profile Strictly affairs that we have not been able to report publicly because they were conducted in such a clandestine manner.

My annoyance is about the fibs that are peddled throughout every series, starting with the BBC’s claim that Strictly is a charming family show.

Ask Ben Cohen’s ex-wife Abby what she thinks about that.

Then there are the holier than thou celebrities and dancers who proclaim in every interview that they are putting in 16 hours of training a day because they’ve just fallen in love with dancing.

Next time you hear that line, you can take it from me there’s more than likely something else keeping them entertained in that miserable training room.

I was with an A-list female celebrity recently who told me her famous bloke had been asked to do the show.

Her response? “Absolutely never – that’s like handing him over forever to some woman with big boobs.”

Correct move. I pity the BBC booker trying to sign anyone who isn’t single this year. At least any poor wives will rest easy knowing at least their hubby won’t be nestled up alongside frisky Katya.

But if you’re a hubby, just pray to the Strictly gods that your beloved wife doesn’t end up in the arms of Kev from Grimsby . . .


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