Keir Starmer left speechless after ITV interviewer plays videos of voters' opinions of him

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Sir Keir Starmer suffered an embarrassing interview moment on ITV this week, after he was shown former Labour voters’ brutal opinions of his leadership record. Sir Keir tried to relaunch his party leadership this week with a speech outlining his response to a post-pandemic Britain. However, almost a year after being elected leader of the Labour Party, he has faced stalling poll numbers and has fallen behind the Conservatives among voters.

ITV Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt confronted the Labour leader on the embarrassing poll numbers, asking: “Why do you think you are behind the Conservatives in the opinion polls?”

When Sir Keir cited the general election result in November 2019, Mr Hewitt fired back: “So it’s all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault that you’re behind?”

The Labour leader did not deny he was blaming Jeremy Corbyn, simply adding: “We have a lot of work to do.

“As leader of the Labour Party now, it is my duty to make that argument about where we go next. “

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In one awkward exchange, the Labour leader was played a video showing people in the former Labour seat of Leigh commenting on his leadership so far.

All of the reviews were scathing, with one person suggesting Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham would be a better leader and another saying he would be voting Tory again in the next election.

One former Labour voter said: “He is quite a weak personality. I don’t think he is as strong as he made out to be in his beliefs.”

Another added: “I’m not a fan of how he seems to put a lot of negativity across, but doesn’t have any solutions.”

A Savanta Comres poll, published on Thursday, dealt a bitter blow to Sir Keir on the day he delivered a keynote speech which was perceived by many as a bid to relaunch his leadership.

The research, which involved interviews with 2,170 UK adults aged 18 and over online from February 12 and 14, suggested 43 percent saw Mr Johnson as making the best Prime Minister, compared with 38 percent in January.

By contrast, Sir Keir’s tally – 27 percent – was four down on the previous month.

As for voting intentions, the Tories on 42 percent (up one point), Labour 37 percent (down one, the Lib Dems seven percent (down one), the SNP four percent (unchanged) and the Greens three percent (down one).

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