Keir Starmer squirms in 'woke guy' grilling as Labour leader repeatedly dodges questions

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Sir Keir Starmer repeatedly declined to be drawn on whether he was a “woke guy”. Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, he responded that he was “values-driven” and dismissed labels. Ms Ridge followed up the grilling by pointing out that Labour is “still behind in the polls” despite a pandemic health crisis and the worst economic hit since the early 1700s.

The Sky News host said: “Lisa Nandy said in an interview that Joe Biden was a woke guy whose victory was a source of hope for Labour. Are you a woke guy?”

Sir Keir responded: “What I think about Joe Biden is the values that drove his campaign, I admire his values, I am a values-led guy.”

Ms Ridge followed up: “But, is that a woke guy?”

The Labour leader continued to doge the question, saying: “I am values driven.

“I am utterly determined we can do something to tackle inequality, tackle insecurity and we can do that sooner than we think if we pull together as a party, pull together as a movement.”

Ms Ridge hit back: “You can say you can turn it around but we have had 160,000 deaths related to Covid, the worst economic hit since the early 1700s.

“And yet you are still behind the polls.”

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