Kerry Katona brands date a ‘d**k’ after he calls her firstborn a ‘mistake’ and mocks her for spending over £100k on THREE weddings


KERRY Katona struggled through an agonising date with Welsh business man Nick on Celebs Go Dating tonight.

The Atomic Kitten star, 38, bristled as her date, 36, said having her firstborn at the tender age of 20 was a mistake and mocked her for splashing over £100,000 on three weddings.

Kerry Katona was not impressed by her date

The dad of two boasted that he owns five franchises of Subway and things got off to a bad start when he ordered a sparkling water leaving booze-loving Kerry with a lime and soda after insisting she wanted to be on the “same level” as her date.

“I’m a proper home bird,” she explained.

When asked how many kids she has, Kerry gushed: “A million! I’ve got five.”

He branded having her firstborn at 20 a ‘mistake’

Kerry was impressed as “proper dad” Nick said he has two sons and does the school run most days.

He explained he’s never been married and wouldn’t because he can “think of better things to spend £30k on”.

He asked Kerry how many times she’s walked down the aisle and when she revealed she’s had three weddings, he said: “That’s £100,000 + on weddings for you, did you pay for them?”
Shocked, she indignantly replied: “Yes, who else pays for them?”

He answered: “Well at least you had a nice time, good day out isn’t it.”


The awkwardness continued as Nick explained he only wants to see a woman “once or twice a week”.

“Sounds like you’re looking for a cleaner,” Kerry remarked.

Talking about the future, she said: “I think in 10 years time I’d like to be a grandma.”

And Nick said of her having her first child at 20, “You learn from your mistakes though don’t you?”
“I wouldn’t say it was a mistake,” she replied.


Explaining to camera later, she said: “Having five kids and raising them all by yourself is not a mistake, who does this guy think he is?!”
Nick continued to enrage Kerry when he said mothers “overreact” to the pain of childbirth.
“Go and p**s a pineapple out and tell me how much it hurts, that’s exactly what it’s like,” she said.

Leaving the date, she said: “What a d**k!

“Who says they only want to see someone once a week? He just wants a booty call.

“The worst thing was it wasn’t his accent that put me off it was his f***ing attitude.”
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