Kerry King reveals what the Universe has in store for you this week… according to Tarot


EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Our columnist Kerry King tells you what the week ahead has in store for you with her special Tarotscope readings

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here’s her predictions for YOUR star sign…

ARIES (The Hanged Man, Six of Swords, King of Wands)


Until you make a move, circumstances will remain in the stasis they’re in, as shown by the “limbo” card The Hanged Man.

Now, it’s not for no reason that you’ve stayed still, it’s because you’re not sure what to do for the best. I get that, and I agree.

However, it’s going to be time to do SOMETHING, this week.

Two clues emerge as to your course of action. Firstly, the Six of Swords.

It’s better to move on than to stay where you’re at and be the “done to” vs the “doer”.

And, I promise, it won’t be as sad or painful as you imagine. You’re ready for this. Secondly, the King of Wands asks you to adopt a risk- taking attitude and mindset here.

Inaction is NO LESS risky than taking action- you just don’t see what you missed out on.

Make a bold move, in good faith, and trust that if it doesn’t work out- well, you just make another move, because that’s life.

So… move on.

TAURUS (The Magician, The Lovers, The High Priestess)

You see the light

A trio of major arcana cards this week, Taurus. They are the “power cards” of the tarot, representing important life changes and unseen forces at work.

Yikes! Well, there’s no bad news here, so don’t worry. Rather more, a sense of you discovering the right insight, motivation, energy and resilience to make something happen which you’ve felt conflicted about previously.

It’s like a “perfect storm” of both knowing how to AND being able to manifest your desires.

The Lovers shows this is about a relationship or a heartfelt issue, and one where you’ve experienced doubts and uncertainty.

The High Priestess shows that an inner wisdom will emerge this week, a new perspective and insight into things, which unleashes The Magician- the desire and ability to take matters into your own hands.

You can see exactly how YOU alone can make this situation work. And you’re eager to implement your ideas.

Go ahead, you’ve got this.

GEMINI (King of Coins, Ace of Coins, Ten of Wands)


Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard… FACT.

Use this to your advantage this week, Gemmy, by being the “hardest worker in the room”!

The Ten of Wands shows your ability to be persistent and dogged when you have an ambition you care about in your sights.

Don’t give up now, keep pushing. The King and Ace of Coins reveal this is definitely going to be worth it- there is reward and success, but not right away.

What graft and effort you expend now will pay back down the line, so don’t be put off by a lack of immediate results.

It IS all being noted and noticed, it IS all going somewhere.

Be brisk, decisive and business-like. Get more done by adopting a direct mindset, zooming in on the crux of things and tackling them at that level.

No faffing, daydreaming or strategizing… it’s ALL ACTION.

You’re going to be glad of every ounce of effort you put in here.

CANCER (The Devil, Queen of Wands, Two of Coins)

Don’t yield to temptation

There’s a danger, this week, of you wearing a “mask” for the world which deflects attention from the, self-limiting and unhelpful, truth of what you’re REALLY up to.

You’re a master / mistress of secrets, Cancer, and there’s no sign better at playing their cards close to their chest.

The Queen of Wands is all smiles and inspiring platitudes, she puts on a good face- and this is you right now.

The Two of Coins is that wonderful life tactic of “keeping busy”, having a lot going on to distract both others AND ourselves from areas we’d perhaps rather not look at, or have others notice…

The truth is that The Devil is with you, this week, which means you’re in danger of wandering back to a path of least resistance, which you KNOW (damn well) is no good for you. Please, please pause and think about the consequences here.

Please stop and instil the behaviour you KNOW a “Future You” would high five you for.

e your own BFF. Don’t let a secretive, but damaging, desire lead you astray.

You can resist this temptation, and you’ll feel SO strong for doing so.

LEO (The Wheel of Fortune, Eight of Coins, Five of Cups)

Change starts within

There’s something you regret or felt you lost unfairly, and the Five of Cups shows it’s on your mind more than you’d probably care to admit.

We all dwell on our disappointments to some degree, it’s human nature.

However, you’re too bright and positive a character to dwell for too long, and there is a life lesson to be gleaned here, as shown by the studious Eight of Coins.

Try to zoom in on the issue from an objective standpoint, if it had happened to a friend what would you say, how would you mitigate the negatives, what do you believe can be learnt from it.

Extract the wisdom, process your feelings, decide to let this heal fully.

The Wheel of Fortune is a powerful card of change and transformation- all of which begins within, from inside your heart and mind.

This life lesson is going to be a valuable catalyst for change in your life- when you feel differently, you’ll act differently, and things will inevitably be different.

VIRGO (The Hanged Man, The High Priestess, The Hermit)

Withdraw and think

A trio of powerful major arcana cards this week, Virgo, so you’ve got an important seven days ahead of you.

To the outside world, however, it may look like not much is happening. All of these cards represent internal, private musings and ideas.

The Hermit asks you to be a taskmaster with yourself, withdraw from distractions and seriously ask yourself what you’re doing, and where you’re heading.

This needs to be done alone and away from your usual everyday life, so get as far away (mentally, if not physically) as possible.

The Hanged Man reveals you feel that you’ve stalled, somehow, and life is not progressing as you expected.

Your sacrifices haven’t necessarily paid off, you don’t feel you’re making the headway you deserve to.

The answer to this situation lies within, as shown by the intuitive, wise woman, The High Priestess.

Deep down, you know where you’ve gone awry and you know how you can tweak your course and get back on track.

Consider, reflect, ponder… let this insight emerge in its own time this week. I promise it will!

LIBRA (Death, The Emperor, Four of Cups)

Focus your intentions

Are you ready to transform? Hope so, because the Death card visits you this week and brings it transformative energy to your life.

Does that scare you? Or maybe you feel excited by the thought of a “shake up”?

The Emperor advises you to get ahead of the change curve, and focus this powerful transformative energy into an area of your life where you’d like things to be different.

With focus and intent, you can make some really positive moves and, by this time next week, be in a totally different place.

There’s a clue here as to which area of your life you’d most welcome change.

The Four of Cups is the tarot’s “meh” card, showing up when we’re bored or lacklustre about something which actually SHOULD be a positive.

What are you taking for granted? What relationships have faded or become “same old”?

What activities no longer bring you joy? Identify the places you feel dull, disappointed or disconnected… and welcome in change. It’s coming!

SCORPIO (Two of Wands, Eight of Coins, Five of Cups)

Take the life lesson

The Five of Cups has you in a sad, reflective mood at the start of the week.

You’re dwelling on something you feel regret over, or that you believe was lost unfairly.

We all ruminate over our wounds, it’s human nature. But, the Eight of Coins shows you that there’s a point to this.

There is a life lesson here which can be useful, positive and a catalyst for change in your current world. What is it?

The Two of Wands hints it’s regarding a decision you’ve LONG procrastinated about.

You haven’t made a choice because your options all seem similarly balanced, and you don’t feel inspired by any of them.

This life lesson can shed light on this situation, and show you the RIGHT pathway forwards.

Do your reflection, from an objective standpoint, and extract the wisdom you need in order to move on. It’s there, look closer…

SAGITTARIUS (Knight of Cups, Queen of Coins, Three of Coins)

You’ve been noticed

It’s usually not via WHAT but WHO we know that gets us ahead in life, and this week will reinforce that belief for you.

The Three and Queen of Coins reveal how hard you’ve worked recently, over the odds, and though it has been demanding, it HAS felt good.

You like to feel you’re making progress, getting noticed, being valued… and happily I can reveal that IS the case.

Look out for a colleague or contact, the Knight of Cups so someone around your age and a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), who is in a position to give you a leg-up.

They have acknowledged your skills and strengths, and have an opportunity for you that will improve your status and circumstances.

Lean in to those around you, reconnect with anyone you feel could fit this brief.

Accelerate towards this good fortune by being open and on the front foot with those you respect and admire. Promotion awaits…

CAPRICORN (Three of Swords, Queen of Cups, Queen of Swords)

Address a wound

Betrayal. It’s an ugly word, an ugly behaviour, and an ugly truth of life. We all get burned by it, and most of us deal it out at some point, too.

The Three of Swords is in town this week to suggest that this theme is on your mind right now.

Maybe you’re in the throes of a relationship woe, maybe you’re pondering a move you know is wrong but feels unavoidable, maybe you’re thinking back to a time you were hurt, maybe you’re worried for a close friend… whatever it is, know that your emotions are normal and OK.

The Queens of Cups and Swords walk with you, lending their character strengths in order that you can face your demons head on, vanquish them, and move on stronger than ever.

The Queen of Cups urges you not to suppress your feelings, but to acknowledge them, find their root cause and trigger.

The Queen of Swords asks you to then rationalise events and see how your emotions can be re-wired or processed so that you can look at the situation more dispassionately and see the way through.

This is “deep work” personally, but it’s worth it, my friend.

AQUARIUS (Seven of Coins, Five of Swords, The Empress)


Where you’re at doesn’t FEEL quite right.

The Empress is a card about love, romance, sex, family, feeling safe and secure in a “nest”… but the Seven of Coins and Five of Swords hint that this loving feeling seems JUST out of reach right now.

Something DOES need to change, and you’re at this cross roads to work out what it is.

The Five of Swords asks you to focus on areas in your home or closest relationships which feel strained, difficult and unlikely to improve.

These bits need surgically removing from your life if possible, or, at least, their influence drastically diminished.

Sometimes it’s impossible to eradicate all sources of negativity but you can acknowledge where they are, and try to avoid them where possible.

It’s likely that your perspective has just gotten a bit skewed, and you’re overly embroiled in the things you find difficult (because your big brain sees them as “challenges” to solve).

This is a fruitless, thankless exercise, though, and you’d be better shifting your gaze to the positives. Refocus in order to rediscover your happy vibe.

PISCES (The Fool, Eight of Wands, The Hierophant)


Good news is going to flow into your life this week, Pisces, from unexpected sources!

The Eight of Wands is a “messenger” card, promising invitations, gossip, information and opportunity.

And it will all come in from left-field directions, hot and fast! Be ready to say YES, to capitalise on its buzzing energy.

The Fool is the tarot’s first card and patron saint of new beginnings, so something new is going to emerge as a result of this news.

It’s something you feel optimistic and enthusiastic about- even if others don’t.

To heck with them- you must march to your own beat! The Hierophant is a further reassurance that all of this new activity is sweeping you forwards in the right direction, so go with the flow.

It also hints that this surge of positivity is the result of the good karma “credit” you’ve privately, and altruistically, built up over the previous few months.

So, go ahead and reap the rewards!


Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at




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