Kidnapped Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Ayling poses topless in steamy snap


Wearing just a towel, the 21-year-old mum-of-one and Celebrity Big Brother star stares down the camera. 

Chloe, on holiday in Singapore, posed by the window and showed off the skyline behind her. 

She shared the snap with nearly 250,000 followers and captioned it: “Back in the city.” 

One user cheekily responded: “Raise your hands if you’re happy.” 

Chloe Ayling Instagram post

STUNNING: Chloe built a career as a glamour model and reality TV star (Pic: CHLOE AYLING/INSTAGRAM)

Another said: “What a good picture of you, looking lovely and beautiful.”

A third added: “Lovely set of norks.”

Chloe was snatched by a sex trafficking gang and held captive for six days in a remote Italian farmhouse back in 2017. 

Masked men snatched her after luring her to Milan with promises of a lucrative photoshoot which turned out to be fake.

Chloe told police she was then drugged, stuffed inside a bag, and auctioned on the dark web for £250,000.

Chloe Ayling

DECEIVED: She went to Milan for a lucrative photoshoot which turned out to be fake (Pic: CHLOE AYLING/INSTAGRAM)

Chloe Ayling

DEBUNKED: One of her kidnappers claimed she had faked the incident (Pic: CHLOE AYLING/INSTAGRAM)

“Lovely set of norks ”

Instagram user

Lukasz Herba was convicted on June 11, 2018, of kidnapping the model after drugging her when she showed up in Milan for a modelling job.

The 30-year-old was convicted in a court in the Italian city and jailed for more than 16 years.

His brother Michal is now facing trial after being extradited from Britain, with Chloe reportedly set to testify this month. 

The alleged kidnapper’s lawyer Simone Zancani said: “This is a significant step forward in our defence and we are delighted. 

“It gives us the opportunity for the first time to cross examine Chloe about her story.”

Lukasz Herba

JAILED: Lukasz Herba was convicted on June 11, 2018, of kidnapping the model (Pic: PH)

Chloe had argued she didn’t want to return to Milan as she felt “vulnerable” visiting the city.

She did not appear during Lukasz’s trial, who claimed the kidnapping was a publicity stunt to booster he publicity. 

Lukasz, who had been living in Oldbury, claimed he had fallen in love with Chloe.

His defence told the court he wanted to boost her career by creating a story. 

Herba said he was inspired after watching a film with a similar plot, By Any Means.

However, the courts ruled out Chloe’s involvement and blasted the claims as “ridiculous”.


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