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Kim Jong-un EXPOSED: Biggest flaw in North Korean leader’s disappearance alibi revealed


Asia political expert and author Gordon Chang insisted there were issues with North Korea’s official statement regarding the whereabouts of dictator leader Kim Jong-un. During an Express.co.uk interview, Mr Chang claimed there was a health emergency during Kim’s absence rather than the official statement he was self-isolating. He insisted while it was possible the North Korean leader could have been isolating, his behaviour highlighted there may have been a bigger health issue.

Mr Chang was not convinced of the secretive state’s alibi as Kim missed key holidays in the country and failed to issue any statement ahead of time.

Mr Chang said: “I think there was a health emergency of some sort.

“Kim Jong-un, as ruler, has never missed an April 15th celebration.

“The day of the Sun celebrates the birth of his grandfather and regime founder, Kim Il-sung.”

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Mr Chang admitted it is a possible Kim could have been isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, his behaviour was still peculiar.

Mr Chang continued: “Even if Kim Jong-un was self-isolating because of coronavirus he would have issued a statement and he didn’t.

“He also wasn’t around for the anniversary of the Korean People’s Army.

“Again he did not issue a statement so that and to me that says he was not able to.”

“Ultimately, it may take us some time to find out what indeed happened.”

Mr Chang also explained that North Korea would remain very tight-lipped on the health of their leader in any eventuality.

This is to ensure that at no point the world is able to see any flaws in the leadership system. 


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