Home World Kim Jong-un launches bizarre war on sex – 'Promiscuity is TREASON'

Kim Jong-un launches bizarre war on sex – 'Promiscuity is TREASON'


North Korea’s Supreme Leader is apparently determined to crack down on amorous teenagers – and rather than accepting they are at the mercy of their raging hormones, is instead blaming “decadent capitalist influences”, including porongraphy smuggled in via the Chinese border which is then shared via mobile phones or USB memory sticks. A source told Radio Free Asia: “Recently more and more high school boys and girls are engaging in immoral sexual deviance, and the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party has issued a directive calling for strong measures against them.

“The reason behind this order is that the local Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League in Sinuiju inspected high school students, and found that some high school boys and girls hang out with local gangsters, live together, and commit immoral acts such as prostitution.

“The immoral sexual behaviour of students, who are influenced by capitalist lifestyles, has become a problem.

“The committee defined sexual promiscuity among teenagers as a treasonous act that helps the enemy to destroy our society.

“And since they are warning of strong punishment, students are shaking with fear.”

A 2005 report published by New Focus International and based on interviews with North Korean defectors indicated widespread ignorance about sex, with one 16-year-old believing believed a woman could become pregnant by holding hands with a man and falling asleep.

By contrast, the committee has concluded “sexual promiscuity” was common as a result of western influences, largely as a result of the rise of electronic media.

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They explained: “Members of the youth league, as well as school teachers, are calling for various measures including taking charge of troubled students and educating them individually.”

A second source warned there was widespread alarm at the measures among the teaching fraternity.

They said: “Teachers are anxious because of the warning that school principals, advisors to the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League and the Korean Children’s Union, and school teachers, will also be punished if there is a serious sexual violation among students.”

Many were also blaming the “increase in deviance” on the postponement of the school year as a result of concerns about the risk posed by coronavirus – despite the fact North Korea has not officially admitted to having any cases of COVID-19.

The second source said: “As students do not go to school and are staying at home, they naturally approach impure media with curiosity and share it with each other, so there is an increasing number of these immoral sexual behaviours.”

A crackdown on illegal smartphone content in North Korea was initiated last month, mainly targeting South Korean cultural influences.

Despite the new measures, Kim Jong-un himself is a fan of some aspects of Western culture.

He is have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of French cognac Hennessy’s, and is a big fan of basketball.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has visited the country as his guest and has described him as an friend.


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