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Kim Jong-un vows to 'severely' punish officials for ‘failing’ to stop typhoon casualties


North Korea’s state-controlled media called the devastation a “serious incident” and reported their were dozens of casualties. Typhoon Maysak drenched the country in heavy downpours and sparked flooding structural damage because of the high winds. The eastern port town of Wosan was inundated with floodwaters.

At the height of the flooding, in mid-August the state-run Korean Central News Agency, KCNA, reported the devastation of 40,000 hectares of crops and 17,000 houses that had been destroyed or inundated.

The mouth piece for Kim Jong-un’s regime said: “Lots of roads, bridges and railway sections (were) broken, a dam of a power station gave way and there was other severe damage in various sectors of the national economy.

Now supreme leader Kim Jong un has decided to punish “irresponsible” city and provincial officials for neglectfully causing, “a serious incident involving dozens of casualties”.

The North Korean officials have been accused of failing to “immediately organise a project to thoroughly identify properties at risk and evacuate all residents”.

Kim Jong-un, head of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea would arrange “severe” punishment for those officials who failed to act to prevent casualties caused by the flooding.

State newspaper the Rodong Sinmun, announced, “a decision was made to impose severe party, administrative, and legal punishment to those responsible for the casualties”.

The devastating flooding caused by Typhoon Maysak also wreaked havoc in South Korea.

More than 2,200 people were evacuated to temporary shelters in the Busan, the biggest port in South Korea.

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Typhoon Maysak drove high waves off the island of Okinawa.

One of the waves smashed into the side of the ship capsizing the vessel.

The crew comprised of 39 Filipinos, two Australians, and two New Zealanders.

Many of the crew and all of the cattle are still missing.


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