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Kim Jong-un warning: South Korean troops ‘ready’ on the border after embassy attack


The office, blown up by the North, was set up in order to improve relations between the two countries. However, tensions have now risen between the two countries after Kim Jong-Un’s destruction of the office. The two Korean neighbours are guarded by the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and there are rumours now of potential military action in the area.

Both countries are still technically at war after North Korea said its troops were prepared to enter the area.

The explosion of the Korean-inter liaison office, in the border town of Kaesong, has led to South Korean troops amassing for a potential attack.

Over the past few weeks, the North has been expressing its anger at defectors for distributing anti-Kim Jong-Un leaflets.

North Korea responded by not allowing using aggressive rhetoric towards the South, but also by firing its weapons on a range.

The state described the defectors who were sending North Korean’s leaflets as “human scum”.

Kim You-geun, who is South Korea’s deputy director of the national security office, said: “The government expresses strong regret over North Korea’s unilateral detonation of the inter-Korean liaison office building.”

“We sternly warn that we will strongly respond to it if North Korea takes any action that further worsens the situation.”

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Also, the office had been closed since January due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Seoul’s Ministry of Defence has recordings, which have been released, of the destruction of the four-storey building.

According to the video, the explosion happened around 2:50 pm local time on Tuesday and was then followed by rising smoke.

This attack had come after repeated threats from North Korea for defectors to stop with their campaign in sending propaganda leaflets across the border.

North Korea’s KCNA state news agency said the liaison office, which had been closed since January over fears of the novel coronavirus, was “tragically ruined with a terrific explosion”.

This attack will also come as a blow to US President, Donald Trump, who was hoping to see an end to North Korea’s nuclear program.

“We are aware that North Korea destroyed the liaison office in Kaesong and remain in close coordination with our Republic of Korea allies,” a senior US administration official told Reuters.


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