Kim Kardashian reveals painful-looking sunburn on her boobs after getting caught out by the heatwave


KIM Kardashian has showed off her painful looking sunburn in before and after snaps on Instagram.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 39, suffered from the effects of the Californian heatwave and posted close up photos of her breasts in a plunging top.


Kim Kardashian reveals painful-looking sunburn on her boobs during heatwave[/caption]

But took the opportunity to promote her body make-up and new foundations and plastered the liquid on, to cover up her burns.

She captioned her Instagram post: “Sun Burns! UGHHHH I haven’t had this happen in years but thank goodness I had my body make up with me last week!”.

One fan wrote beneath the snap: “first OUCH  then WOW”

As another chimed: “Not surprised you can rock tan lines too”


A close up reveals the raw skin of her burnt boobs[/caption]

The Kardashians previously spoke of the importance of wearing sunscreen and Khloe said she keeps it in all of her cars.

The star wears the cream every day whatever the weather and stores some in the glove compartment of her vehicles incase she forgets to put it on before she leaves the house.

She shared: “For me, ‘anti-aging’ is really all about hydration.

“Drinking lots of water is a must. I also wear sunscreen every day, especially on my hands. Hands are always out in the sun, so they age the most.

Kim shares an after shot of her boobs, with her body make-up covering the burns
Kim Kardashian, in a black bikini, sunbathes on the beach
Sun lover Kim stretches out on the grass

“I keep extra sunscreen in the glove boxes of all of my cars in case I forget. When the sun hits my hands while I’m driving, it reminds me to slather more on”

And the 34-year-old television personality also revealed she doesn’t like having facials and prefers laser treatments to help “even out her skin tone”.

Writing on her official website, she added: “I also cover my face in oil every night.

Khloe Kardashian says she wears sunscreen every day and keeps it in her car
Getty – Contributor

“I don’t believe in extractions and don’t do facials, but I get laser treatments from Dr. Orian.

“I did my first Coolaser treatment with him before I left for Cuba to even out my skin tone, and it was so traumatic, LOL!!! My skin like, peeled off. I looked CRAZY. It definitely got worse before it got better. That’s why I wore so many floppy hats in Cuba – to hide my raw skin!”


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