Knife crime terror: Jessie Wallace says she is scared to let her girl go out


The EastEnders actress, 47, is worried about what is happening in the capital after a spate of tragedies in 2019. 

Responding to a tweet which claimed an 18-year-old man was in “a life-threatening condition” after being stabbed “multiple times” in north London, she wrote: “It’s at the point where I’m too scared to let my daughter out after school now.” 

Jessie recently revealed that her 14-year-old girl Tallulah was mugged in Muswell Hill days after a man was left fighting for life when he was knifed on a bus in the same part of the capital last year.

“I called the police at 8pm and they knock on my door at 3am. Nothing was ever resolved”

Jessie Wallace

Jessie retweeted the ­ordeal of dad Tony Grounds after what he saw as a lack of police action when his young daughter was targeted in London. 

She said: “I called the police at 8pm and they knock on my door at 3am. Nothing was ever resolved.” 

Jessie’s concerns come nearly a year after EastEnders – on which she plays Kat Moon – aired a knife-crime plot which saw character Shakil Kazemi stabbed to death. 

The BBC One soap took the unusual decision to feature relatives of real-life victims in Shakil’s funeral episode. And Bonnie Langford, 54, who played the late character’s mother Carmel Kazemi, admitted she felt determined to ­portray the plot “accurately” after learning about their involvement.

She said: “To put the special true-life contributors in there, I think adds real gravitas. 

“After meeting the people, I felt responsible to get this as accurate as possible. 

“I felt really honoured to be a part of it. It was a jump into the unknown. 

“When they told me I found it exciting, but it was a strange dividing line and I wondered how we would separate art from real life.”


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