KSI tipped to become pro boxer by Eddie Hearn after Logan Paul showing


YouTube sensation KSI entered the boxing world when he beat fellow social media star Joe Weller in February 2018.

In his second fight that August, he drew with controversial American Logan Paul.

And while many in the boxing world criticised the bout as farcical, Anthony Joshua’s promoter Hearn believed the Brit showed he has what it takes to make it in the big time.

Hearn spoke to KSI on his new podcast for BBC – No Passion, No Point.

When asked about what he had planned next, the social media star said: “I’m so driven and so excited to do new things with boxing.

“For me, it would be insane to do a pro fight and fight someone who is a boxer.

“I probably won’t get many people who want to fight me because it’s the end of their career.”

But Eddie disagreed and suggested young fighters would want to face him because of the “huge platform” KSI would offer.

“You’re probably good enough to turn pro,” he continued.

“I’m not saying you’re good enough to win world titles, but it would be interesting to see where that goes because you do have the ability to do that.”

KSI is yet to agree a rematch with Logan, despite both saying they want one given the controversial result first time out.

As talks continue to stall, Logan has appeared to have kept in shape.

He posted a video to his YouTube channel earlier this week showing him comfortably knocking out a complete stranger during an impromptu boxing match.


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