Kurt Cobain’s disturbing paintings revealed including ‘diseased vaginas’


The Nirvana frontman was found dead aged 27 after a supposed self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head nearly 25 years ago. 

His passing sparked a series of conspiracy theories – with many fans looking for hidden messages answering why in the band’s lyrics. 

Along with three Nirvana albums, Kurt also produced a range of unsettling art that offers a window into his tortured mindset. 

In one of his works, a skeletal figure is drawn onto a green background – an apparent reference to Kurt’s slight frame. 

Kurt Cobain art

TORTURED GENIUS: Kurt left behind a collection of chilling works (Pic: KURT AND COURTNEY)

His ex-girlfriend Tracy Marander said during documentary Kurt and Courtney: “He felt like he was too skinny.

“He tried to gain weight and tried to work out a little, but he couldn’t gain any weight.”

Kurt was apparently teased in school and made up for it by over-dressing. 

Tracy added: “There’s no way you could wear that many layers of clothing and still be comfortable.

Kurt Cobain art

BIZARRE: Unsettling ‘Fistula’ on display in Seattle, Washington (Pic: GETTY)

“I think he was fascinated by things that were gross”

Kurt’s ex-girlfriend Tracy Marander

“Sometimes he’d wear a pair or two of long johns, ripped up jeans over it, a couple of T-shirts, sweatshirt, a flannel shirt and a jacket.”

Kurt also painted an abandoned foetus, left among a series of burning trees. 

Tracey explained: “I think he was fascinated by things that were gross. All the blood and mucus and tissue stuff didn’t really appeal to him (outside of art).

Kurt Cobain art

TALENT: Kurt’s fascination with art lasted throughout his career (Pic: KURT COBAIN)

“He made this collage of diseased vaginas and pieces of meat pasted together.”

In another – titled Fistula – a woman’s face is planted onto an insect’s body. 

The piece later went on exhibition along with several of Kurt’s other works.


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