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Kym Marsh: Morning Live host text Craig David in her sleep saying 'please help I love you'

Kym Marsh, 44, appeared on Morning Live today alongside co-host Gethin Jones as they discussed the effects of anxiety on sleep. The former Coronation Street star admitted that when she felt anxious it would lead to her texting random people in her sleep, and one time she even messaged Craig David at 2am.

Gethin began: “I know when you get anxious, as you admitted to the nation yesterday Kym, you start dream texting. She dream texts.”

Kym asked: “You can’t let this go can you?”

Gethin laughed: “Everyone has been asking me about it.”

Kym carefully deliberated before explaining how the uncertainty of her former band Hear’Say’s future lead to her feeling overly stressed.

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She explained: “All it is right is I was going through quite a stressful time, it was just at the end of Hear’Say and everything was a bit up in the air. 

“We had met Craig David along the way. I wouldn’t say we were the best of mates. But you know we had phone numbers, all of us, and anyway I woke up one morning, and reached for my phone.”

Gethin interrupted and made a reference to Craig’s smash hit song 7 days: “He asked you to go for a drink did he?”

Kym hit back: “Ah he’s been waiting for that, this is why we’re doing it, just for that joke!”

The Corrie actress said: “It got worse from there on, other people were like, ‘Can you just move your phone? Stop messaging me at three o’clock in the morning’.”

It comes as viewers of the new talk show from the BBC had complained about the set, which they compared to someone raiding their “great gran’s house” after it kicked off yesterday.

The yellow-orange set – featuring wooden panelling, a retro oval-shaped coffee table, floral pottery, a moss-green couch with mustard cushions and a loud, garish patterned rug – seemed to be stealing the attention of those who tuned in.

One user tweeted: “Why does the set of the new #MorningLive set look like a time warp from the 1950s?


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