Labour in fresh Brexit war over whether to put second referendum in official manifesto


JEREMY Corbyn’s deputy has reignited the fresh Brexit war in the party by calling on activists to demand a fresh vote in their upcoming manifesto.

Tom Watson urged supporters to tell top Labour executives they want a “confirmatory” vote on the Brexit deal.

Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson is pushing activists to put pressure on Labour to support a Brexit vote manifesto promise

The party’s top team will meet tomorrow to decide on the text for their EU elections manifesto.

The deputy leader tweeted last night: “Labour member or supporter? Please let your reps on the NEC know if you want them to support a confirmatory ballot on a Brexit deal in our euro manifesto.”

Labour’s ongoing war over Brexit spilled over again last week when EU election leaflets were revealed to have left out the party’s promise to fight for a second referendum.

The move infuriated pro-EU Remainers who want to stay in the bloc, but would please the millions of Labour voters in the Midlands and North of England who opted to leave the EU in 2016 and want the party to respect that.

Officials said there were multiple versions of the leaflets that were in operation.

And the top union bosses are also getting involved too.

PoliticsHome revealed that leading leaders want the pledge to another referendum to go into the manifesto.

Union, GMB and Usdaw bosses have thrown their weight behind the move.

At last year’s Labour conference officials finally signed off on their text about a second vote after hours of talks, and a similar showdown could happen tomorrow.

Jeremy Corbyn ‘s party are still trying to sit on the fence over Brexit
PA:Press Association

Talks between Labour and the Government over a way to end the Brexit deadlock will continue today, but hopes are fading that a deal can be reached.

Mrs May has said if she can get a deal done before the EU elections then Britain won’t take part in the upcoming poll.

But this week the party is set to dodge the Brexit issue to avoid a total bloodbath in Thursday’s local elections.


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