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Labour Party in humiliating data breach as confidential info of thousands of donors stolen


The Labour Party is the latest in a number of organisation to have their data breached following a cyber-attack on cloud computing provider Blackbaud. Hackers are believed to have accessed information about thousands of party donors over a period of several years. The Party are understood to have been first informed of the breach on July 16 and will be informing all of these impacted by the attack later this week.

Inside sources told ITV News they believe personal and confidential information about donors, including analysis that was run by the party about their personal views, is likely to have been accessed.

They also said that all donors, including those who donated less than £7,500 and therefore did not have to declare their donation to the Electoral Commission, are likely to have had their data breached.

A Labour spokesperson said: “We have been alerted by one of our suppliers, Blackbaud, that they have suffered a data breach.

“We have reported the matter to the [UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office] ICO and are working to establish further facts around this situation.

“We will take any action necessary in line with our statutory obligations.”

At least 125 other organisations have been affected by the breach, including universities and charities, the ICO revealed.

A spokesman for the ICO said: “Blackbaud has reported a data breach incident which has potentially affected a large number of UK organisations using its services and we are making enquiries.”

“Organisations involved should be getting in touch with their customers to inform them if their personal data has been impacted.”

More to follow…


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