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Labour's Brexit chaos: Corbyn's 'alienation' of Leave voters forced 'Red Wall to crumble'


The Labour Together study, formulated by a cross-factional committee, reflected on the decline of the Labour Party that lead to their latest election defeat. One of the contributors, Labour MP Lucy Powell spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme with Mishal Husain and explained the alienation felt by voters that led to the Brexit referendum result and election result. Ms Powell claimed the support for Labour had been falling since the early 2000s and Brexit further highlighted the need for change from Labour voters.

Ms Husain said: “Labours analysis of its December election defeat is out.

“Views of the Jeremy Corbyn leadership and a manifesto that people didn’t believe are among the reasons it identifies as a reason for a result saw Labour loses votes everywhere other than London.

“One of the immediate most striking thing about this report is that for those thinking new leader, new beginning, it is not enough in the conclusion of this report to change the electoral landscape.”

Ms Powell replied: “It was not only a historic defeat for us.

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“It culminated from Brexit leadership and a manifesto that wasn’t seen as credible.

“But it was a long time coming, the so-called red wall has been crumbling for 20 years.

“The disconnect between Labour and its traditional working-class voters have trends that go far back.

“The roots of that and the issues that catalysed in the election, particularly Brexit and leadership need to be addressed for us to now climb that mountain that we face before us.”

“That arrived from deindustrialisation of many of our communities and voters we are talking about.

“There was a real desire for change for these communities and much of that went to be expressed in the Brexit vote.

“Brexit really did fracture our historic coalition in two.”

Ms Powell concluded it was imperative the Labour Party look at their most recent failings and historic failure if they intend to win back voters in the next election. 


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