Landlord reveals disgusting mess tenants from hell left after turning her flat into a ‘warzone of rubbish’


AN appalled landlord has revealed the “disgusting” mess slobby tenants left their flat in, describing it as a “warzone of rubbish”.

Gill Hyland, 55, filmed the utter mess left in her east Hull property by the tenants after she was forced to get them kicked out for not paying rent for nine months.

The tenants are said to have ‘barricaded’ themselves into the flat and didn’t pay the rent for nine months
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The footage shows doors to cupboards and rooms hanging off their hinges and holes in the walls as well as piles of clothes, rubbish and food just thrown on the floor.

Gill described the mess as a “warzone of rubbish” and the place looked like a “bomb had gone off”.

She told the Hull Daily Mail: “It’s just disgusting and embarrassing to be showing you the footage, but landlords are humans too.

Gill said she had to pay £300 so she could get rid of the tenants from her property after they had not paid rent on the two-bed terraced home.

She had to stump up the money to get the keys back after the tenants  reportedly barricaded themselves into the property and not paid the £400-a-month rent.

Gill said: “I just couldn’t believe the state of it, I was gobsmacked.

“Upstairs there was rubbish all over the place and I had to pay to take all the rubbish and environmental health has been on our backs so we had to clear it up.”

The tenants also broke the boiler which Gill had to pay £1,700 to get replaced.

They originally moved into the property last July but it was only until February that they were able to be removed.

Gill Hyland described the mess as a ‘warzone of rubbish’
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The landlord had to fork out £1,700 to get the boiler replaced
MEN Media
The tenants had made a number of holes in the walls
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Gill filmed the mess after she had been forced to get the tenants to leave
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