Lesbian kiss stuns Italian Prime Minister as women lock lips in photobombing protest


The right-wing politician who caused a storm when he called same sex parents ‘unnatural’ appeared stunned when the two beauties locked lips on stage in Sicily.

As the audience were invited to take a picture with the 46-year-old Lega Nord politician, the women jumped up to photobomb him.

Gaia Parisi and friend Matilde kissed – shocking the political figure who reportedly began to shake his head.

“When the minister urged those present to take the stage and take a selfie with him, we had this idea,” Parisi told Euronews.

“We made a provocative instinctive gesture, not at all premeditated. Salvini did not expect us to take a picture like this.”

Salvini was taking part in a rally for Sicilian mayoral candidate Oscar Aiello.

Parisi had taken great offence, along with thousands of others at the World Congress of Families event in March which is aimed at restoring “natural family order.”

The women were pulled apart by one of Salving’s men.

“Salvini then told us ‘I wish you luck’ so we took off thanking him ironically,” Parisi said.

The pair were backed by thousands of fans who have liked the image 26,000 times on Instagram while #GaiaeMatilde trended on Italian Twitter.

Apparently determined to appear unphased by the event On Facebook Salvini shared the image and wrote: ‘Best wishes, peace and well sisters.’

However, his fans were not impressed.

Roberta Perego wrote: ‘Idiot provocation by undoubtedly idiotic people.’

Marcello Salvaggio added: ‘Don’t advertise these… they just wanted a moment of notoriety in a maybe flat life…’

However fans of the women heaped praise on them, showering their images with love heart emojis.


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