Line of Duty fans are convinced by ‘blinking theory’ that proves Gill Bigelow is ‘H’ and believe she’s framing Ted Hastings


LINE of Duty fans are convinced Superintendent Ted Hastings’ love interest Gill Bigelow is framing him because she is the real ‘H’.

Viewers think bent copper Dot Cottan wrongly identified ‘H’ because he “blinked too slowly” on his deathbed.

Fans think Gill Bigelow has actually been the real ‘H’ all along

The bizarre theory would mean that Dot had actually meant ‘G’ – throwing the whole hunt for a crooked officer nicknamed ‘H’ on its head.

One said: “A lot of people are saying Gill is H… maybe when Dot recorded his dying declaration he blinked on G and that got mistaken as H??!!

“Ahh I can’t wait a whole week!! #lineofdutyAnother amazing hour of #LineOfDuty tonight.”

Someone suggested: “Still think Gill Bigelow is H. And also when Dot Cotton blinked, he was blinking G … Kate just couldn’t count. #LineOfDuty.”

Superintendent Ted Hastings tried to protest his innocence in tonight’s dramatic scenes

A fan thought: “So I thought Gill could be “H” assuming Kate mistook Dot’s blinking as H not G. But then OCG call him/her H so either that name was leaked from police or it really is an “H”? I always assumed that H had a real name and we said H because of the “blink” code from Dot #LineOfDuty.”

Another added: “Beyond confused but Could it be Gill seeking revenge after being turned down by #hastings , could she be the secret H . You’ve set him up Gill I’m convinced @Line_of_dutyI’m thinking Gill is H. Let slip to Ted she used to be a criminal defence lawyer so links to crims.

Viewers don’t trust Gill because they think she’s been the one framing Ted
The moment Dot made his dying declaration

“Will have all the dirt on bent coppers. No crim mastermind would be stupid enough to use their own initial. Plus she’s been trying to set Ted up. #tedisinnocent #LineOfDuty.”

Someone else claimed: “Gill… – been trying it on with Ted since series 3 – covered for Dot – tried to get Steve sacked – always trying to get Ted to take early retirement – said about not wanting to nick too many bent coppers or the public will lose trust. I don’t trust her!


The theory came from series four when Dot’s dying declaration proved vital to helping bring the baddies to justice moments before he passed away.

Ted’s been thrown behind bars while they try to prove he’s ‘H’

Viewers admitted being confused over tonight’s episode as they were left on the edge of their seats for the BBC’s penultimate instalment of the cop drama.

In recent weeks suspicion has mounted over whether Ted has actually been ‘H’ all along – but viewers have had a change of heart after he was arrested in a shock twist tonight.

One said:  “Who went from suspecting to out right protesting for his innocence all within 60 minutes ?!? @Line_of_duty #freehastings.”

Another claimed: “Ted is defo being framed!! #LineOfDuty.”

Someone else added: “I’ve genuinely got chest pain after watching that. Cannot cope with distressed Steve and framed Ted in the same episode! #LineofDuty #LoD #LoD5.”

Others started to use the hashtag #freehastings on social media in solidarity.

One said: “The more I have watched tonight’s episode of line of duty I’m more convinced than ever Hastings has been framed

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