Line of Duty fans predict the next bent copper will be OCG’s Ryan who has been forced to ‘lie low’ after taking mystery exams


LINE of Duty fans have predicted the next bent copper will be Ryan Pilkington from the Organised Crime Group.

In what appeared to be a clue about the show’s final series next year, the youngster revealed he had passed his exams and was preparing for an interview.

Ryan Pilkington is expected to be the next caddy, Line of Duty fans predict

In a brief conversation with Ryan, OCG leader Lisa asked: “I feel terrible. I didn’t ask how your exams went?”

Ryan replied: “Yes, fine. I’ve got a date for my interview.”

Lisa then told him: “Guess you’re going to have to lie low from now on.”

He said: “S***, I’m going to miss all this fun.”

Lisa is thought to be preparing for him to enter the force

She could be referring to the fact it was Ryan who slit the throat of copper John Corbett in last week’s episode.

The bloody moment left fans stunned as they realised John’s real identity had been compromised.

After luring him into a trap, Ryan jumped out from behind and murdered him in cold blood.

Fans now think Ryan is the next caddy replacing DI Dot Cottan who was found out in series four.

One said: “Why is no one asking what exams young Ryan passed- police exams? The next caddy?!?! He lying low now remember so not dead. . Watch this space!! #LineOfDuty.”

Ryan murdered undercover cop John Corbett
Standing over his body, the OCG member watched him bleed to death

Another added: “@ShrineOfDuty So what price on Ryan’s interview being to join the Police??? Lol #LineOfDuty #LineOfDutyTheory.”

Someone else said: “So my husband’s latest theory. Ryan is sitting his police exams and will be in S6 as a bent copper. Just like Dot. Lets see! #LineofDuty #LOD5 @Line_of_duty.”

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