Line Of Duty’s Ted Hastings ‘will come to a sticky end’ in season finale says Anna Maxwell


LINE Of Duty’s Ted Hastings could die in the finale after Anna Maxwell Martin teased “he’ll come to a sticky end”.

She made her comments after Hastings actor Adrian Dunbar said he “hopes he’ll be back” for a future season now that the BBC have officially confirmed a sixth run of the drama.


Anna, who plays Carmichael, has hinted Superintendent Ted Hastings could die in Line Of Duty[/caption]

Anna, who plays Patricia Carmichael, chatted to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 today and teased: “I think he’ll come to a sticky end…” but refused to elaborate.

Hastings had been accused of being a bent copper in Sunday’s episode but the leader of anti-corruption unit AC-12 pleaded his innocence, before insisting he was being framed.

And Zoe tried to get more out of Anna, 41, today but she jokingly said: “I can reveal to you right now…” but clammed up.

The actress then claimed ignorance and insisted it can be difficult to remember all of the storylines, adding: “It’s really weird, I don’t remember much, oh gosh, I learned one hundred million lines so I blanked it out like a trauma.

Ted's reckless behaviour could be for any number of reasons
BBC handout

Ted’s reckless behaviour could be for any number of reasons[/caption]

“There was stuff that happened when I was watching, like, oh gosh, I forgot about that.

“I had forgotten Stephen [Graham]’s character, I don’t know why, I had forgotten (he dies).”

Anna said her friends have made fun of stern Carmichael on the show and the serious faces she pulls as its so out of character for her.

She said: “My friends are taking the mickey out of me, terrible, they’ve all made videos of me … the face was really going.”

Adrian Dunbar
Adrian refused to reveal any Line of Duty spoilers

The actress admitted working on the show is a “proper challenge” because of the technical police language on-screen.

She said: “It is quite hard, I became hysterical throughout whole process giggling the whole time, internally freaking out the whole time.

“It’s quite full on all that stuff, good thing about being part of the show, it’s a proper challenge!”


Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid interviewed Adrian, 60, on Good Morning Britain today and pummelled him with questions over who H could be – but he refused to even blink.

Adrian’s witty remarks left the presenters howling with laughter throughout their chat as he spoke about Line of Duty.

He walked on air to the sound of dramatic music before Piers introduced a clip of Susanna starring with Adrian in The Price when she was 12 years old.

Adrian and Susanna recreate their scene on the GMB set 34 years later
Rex Features

Adrian and Susanna recreate their scene on the GMB set 34 years later[/caption]


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