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Listen to Episode 22 of ‘Amazin’ But True’: Dominic Smith’s Moving Tears


Amazin' But True Episode 22 Mets podcast Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith poured his heart and soul out when he spoke to the media after the Mets’ win on Wednesday. He was a black man telling it like it is, letting people know what he and many African-Americans are going through. It was a strong message. What he said had me personally in tears and many listening feeling emotional. On the latest episode of the ‘Amazin’ But True’ podcast, me and Nelson Figueroa wanted to open up the show differently. We wanted to respond to what Dom said and the change that needs to happen in our nation.

Figgie and I each open up with our thoughts on his comments, racial injustice and everything going on in our country right now. We both speak to the fact that people need to stay informed, go out and vote and have empathy for people that are not their skin color and what they have to go through. This is not politics, it’s human rights.

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We then get into baseball and the Mets blowing yet another win for Jacob deGrom, but prevailing with a victory Wednesday. How does deGrom continue to dominate, despite all the times the bullpen has blown leads for him? We talk about some of the questionable decisions from Luis Rojas, including him putting Edwin Diaz in the game with the bases loaded and it coming back to bite him. Is Rojas in over his head? Would new owners bring in a new manager and GM? We wrap up the show previewing the five-game Subway Series ahead this weekend as both teams come in banged up. Can the Mets take the series against a reeling Yankees team? Does the rivalry still have juice to it with everything going on and no fans in the stands?

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