Little girl with cerebral palsy has modelling dreams crushed by agency that charged mum £1,500


A LITTLE girl with cerebral palsy had her modelling dreams crushed by an agency which ripped off her mum for £1,500.

Tayarna Collins, six, has undergone endless hospital treatments since she was born prematurely but was elated when UK Models said they were “impressed” by her application.

Matthew Pover/Matthew Pover Limited. All rights reserved.

Victoria and her partner Donald are both full-time carers to their daughter, Tayarna, who has cerebral palsy[/caption]

Bosses urged mum Victoria Sheehy, 29, to call them back “as soon as possible” and promised her that the youngster had potential to go all the way.

However, Victoria said she was concerned at the shoot as the photographer kept making her daughter jump and do stretches they warned were not possible because of her condition.

Victoria said its “experts” rated Tayarna highly and recommended they buy a £1,500 portfolio pack.

Victoria, who has three other kids, could afford only £500 and was told she could pay the rest in instalments.

Matthew Pover/Matthew Pover Limited. All rights reserved.

Tayarna Collins, six, had her modelling dreams crushed by UK Models[/caption]

But on returning home the mum-of-four discovered they had fibbed and the paperwork said the money was owed in full within a month – and there was no refund allowed.

Victoria and partner Donald Collins, 29, are both full-time carers for Tayarna and told the firm they could not afford the fee – so they threatened them with bailiffs.

Victoria, of Sheffield, said: “We thought it was something that would finally cheer her up but instead it has turned into a nightmare.

“I feel so guilty for what I’ve put her through, I can’t believe how cruel these people can be.

Matthew Pover/Matthew Pover Limited. All rights reserved.

Mum-of-four Victoria says she was told initially she could pay the cost of the portfolio in instalments, but the company is now threatening to send the bailiffs.[/caption]

“We have explained the situation but they just tricked us into signing the paperwork and demanded the cash.

“They have no heart.”

UK Models has a string of bad reviews online and we told last year how dad Julian Guthrie was left feeling “cheated” out of £1,500 when the firm promised to make his daughter a star.

“Since coming home we did some checks on the company and there are loads of people who have had similar experiences to us.

Matthew Pover/Matthew Pover Limited. All rights reserved.

Tayarna is not the only child to be left disappointed by her experience with UK Models[/caption]

“My heart sunk when I saw that. You kick yourself and feel so stupid, but they just pressure you into making bad decisions.

“We just don’t know what to tell Tayarna after she got so excited.”

UK Models was approached for comment.


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