Liverpool release official Super Cup half-and-half scarf ahead of Chelsea clash… and fans are NOT happy


LIVERPOOL have released an official half-and-half scarf for their Super Cup final clash against Chelsea – and it’s fair to say fans are absolutely livid about it.

The £15 neckpiece is available for Wednesday’s showdown in Istanbul between the Champions League winners and Europe League holders Chelsea.

Liverpool have released this official half-and-half scarf ahead of their Super Cup final clash against Chelsea

But don’t expect to see anyone wearing it, despite the official website’s insistence that popping one on will be a great way to “cheer on the Reds”.

Half-and-half scarves are frequently seen outside grounds but hardly anything in the game winds up fans more.

One look at the messages replying to the Tweet posted by Liverpool‘s official store proved that.

A particularly irate user said: “Wtf is that! If I see any Liverpool fan wearing that, I will poke them in chest unmercilessly [sic] for the rest of their miserable lives.

“Those scarves are absolutely wrong. You are Liverpool or Chelsea. You can’t be both.”

Another posted: “Good luck selling these.”

A fellow user wrote: “WTF is that abomination.”

One said: “That scarf looks s***e.”

Another posted simply: “Burn it.”

One Liverpool fan tweeted: “There’s no room in footy for these monstrosities.”

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Another by the name of Rich wrote: “Seriously???? Can’t see a half and half scarf being a best seller.”

A fellow user said: “No one can be this brain dead to think this would be a good idea? Can they?”

And one angry supporter posted: “Take this horrible s*** down. Now.”


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