London Bridge attack: Survivors recount the 10 minutes of terror that claimed their loved ones


At the bottom of the stone steps leading to Green Dragon Court were two Frenchmen, Sebastien Belanger and Alexandre Pigeard, who had rushed from Boro Bistro to investigate the noise. 

Mr Belanger, 36, a chef from France, suffered a deep stab wound to the stomach, while Mr Pigeard, a 26-year-old waiter, was stabbed in the neck.

The attackers were revelling in the execution of their plot. “He looked evil and was smiling,” said one woman who had successfully escaped the attackers. 

Mr Pigeard, badly injured, stumbled back into the courtyard of the Boro Bistro, where two off-duty nurses bravely put themselves in harm’s way to tend to him. Only one survived. 

Kirsty Boden, 28, disregarded the unfolding chaos to crouch at Mr Pigeard’s side. A passerby filming on his mobile phone captured the moment Redouane rushed into the courtyard and plunged his knife into the defenceless pair.

Ms Boden managed to run down a near side street and was found fatally injured by her friends moments later.

“To Kirsty, her actions that night would have just been an extension of how she lived her life – we are so unspeakably proud of her,” her boyfriend James Hodder told the coroner.

It had been barely 90 seconds since the killers left their van and nine people had been stabbed, four fatally.


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