London chambers criticised by barristers for advertising six-month 'unpaid' internship


“Since 2015 we have offered fully funded 12 month pupillages every year and last year, for the first time, we increased that number to two twelve month pupillages. We are offering the same for 2019/20.

“We are doing this at a time when the publicly funded Bar is facing unprecedented difficulties with cuts to public funding in all areas. We believe that pupils are the future of the Bar and so we have we increased, not decreased, the number of pupillages we offer and have done so despite the difficulties that all Criminal and publicly funded Chambers faces.”

She added that all pupils since 2015 have been invited to apply for tenancy at 9KBW at the end of their pupillage period and that the chambers also offers around 30 mini pupillages each year, for one or two weeks at a time.

“Our internships are for a period of three months not six,” Ms Eadie added. “We do however give the intern the opportunity to apply to stay for longer, at the end of the three months, if they wish to do so… they are not there to work for Chambers; they are with us to learn which is what they do. Chambers do not rely upon our interns to do work for us.”


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