London marathon hero returns to work a day after crawling over the line as she is hailed as inspiration 


At the London Marathon, one woman’s amazing feat stood out – a young full-time NHS worker collapsed, exhausted just a metre behind the finish line and crawled the last few steps on her hands and knees, and still managed to achieve her personal best time.

Viewers watched with worry as 26-year-old radiographer Hayley Carruthers was taken away, unconscious on a stretcher, and sent their sympathies when she surfaced online, posting a photograph of her bloodied and bandaged knees on Twitter.

No one would blame her for resting for a day or two after such a gruelling ordeal – but the chirpy runner sped back up to Birmingham after a celebratory dinner with her family to get back to work at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Her patients and colleagues gave her a warm welcome as she returned to her day job. 

The young runner told The Telegraph during a break in her shift: “My day has been a whirlwind and patients and all colleagues have congratulated me. I’m totally on cloud 9, I love the positive message that’s come out of it. That’s what running is about.”

As she prepared for bed on Sunday night before her 8-hour shift working with cancer patients, she told this newspaper that she did not expect to get any rest.


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