London Marathon in sexism row over finishing t-shirts


Equality campaigners have slammed the current “sexist” fits of unisex New Balance shirts that are handed out runners as they finish.

Run Equal Campaign, which pushes for equality in athletics, says the shirts are designed to better fit men – dubbing them too big for women.

SEXISM: The marathon has been embroiled in a row over t-shirt sizes (Pic: NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP/Getty Images)

ROW: The marathon said runners can exchange their shirts after the race (Pic: Getty )

Maud Hodson, from the campaign, told the Daily Telegraph: ”We all pay the same entrance fee so we are not getting the same deal as the men.

“I think it is sexist as being male is the default and women have to put up with it. It isn’t ever the other way around.

“Shirts are trivial but it’s another side of the same issue of the world being designed around men.

“If organisers want to increase the amount of participation and make women feel more welcomed this would be a good way to do it.”

“I think it is sexist as being male is the default and women have to put up with it”

Maud Hodson

There are growing calls for race organisers to provide runners of tomorrow’s race with a selection of t-shirts that would cater for all genders – mimicking the set up at marathons in Paris and Amsterdam.

Last year more than half of the record 40,273 people to cross the finish line in the capital were female.

A London Marathon spokesperson told the Mirror that if runners are unhappy with their sizes they can exchange it later.

The spokesperson said: “We have sizes XXS – XXL at the finish. Runners select the size they want, and if they want to exchange after they get home they can contact us and we will endeavour to help.”

The 26.2 mile event takes place on tomorrow April 28, kicking off in Blackheath, south east London, before finishing at The Mall, close to Buckingham Palace.


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