Home News London mayor Sadiq Khan reveals how coronavirus has changed the capital

London mayor Sadiq Khan reveals how coronavirus has changed the capital


It was announced in the Daily Downing Street briefing on Friday that face masks are compulsory on public transport across England, and passengers face £100 fine if they fail to follow the new ruling.

The Government believes the new policy will help control the spread of the virus and avoid a second wave.

From yesterday, Masks were distributed to commuters in their thousands on UK transport to support the new rules.

Whilst 3,000 extra staff were called upon to ensure passengers complied with the new law.

Speaking to LBC, Sadiq Khan suggested that the public will have to get used to the new policy as the rules are unlikely to change.

Mr Khan said: “This is part of the new normal.

“The reality is that for the foreseeable future – I predict for the next year or so – wearing face coverings is going to become the norm rather than the expectation.”

Graham Vidler, Confederation of Passenger Transport Executive, revealed that if passengers are unable to wear a face covering due to a disability, commuters will be able to notify the driver with a “journey assistance card.”

Mr Vidler told the BBC: “If passengers aren’t following the guidelines then other passengers might have difficulties with that and issues might arise.

“That’s another reason we are encouraging people to use journey assistance cards to indicate that they have a valid reason for not wearing a face covering.

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“Our fantastic transport staff will be on hand to provide help and advice, and free coverings will be given out at key train stations to help kick-start this initiative.

“This is another small, sensible step we can all take to help us defeat this virus.”

The Government has urged that face coverings are not the same as medical masks, stressing the need to leave PPE masks for frontline staff.

Instead, the Government advises the public to make their face coverings out of scarves and bandannas.

The new face coverings rule is the start of the next phase of easing lockdown including retail opening, some secondary pupils return, support gaps and flights begin.

In Northern Ireland, non-essential shops reopened last week, whilst Wales and Scotland are yet to confirm a date.


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