Lottery winners could be denied £4m jackpot amid fears scratchcard was bought with stolen bank card


Two lottery winners could be denied a £4million prize amid suspicions that they bought their winning scratchcard with a stolen bank card.

Mark Goodram, 36, and Jonross Watson, 31, purchased the red scratchcard for £10 at Waitrose in Clapham, south London, on Easter Monday.

But when the jubilant pair, who both have multiple criminal convictions and had only recently been released from jail, contacted Camelot to claim the top prize, their story rang alarm bells.

They reportedly admitted that neither of them had a bank account, despite buying the scratchcard with a debit card.

When asked whose bank card had been used, they named a mystery friend called “John” but were unable to provide his surname, address or phone number, saying only that he had disappeared “up North”, it is understood.

Their claim is said to be on hold while Camelot investigates.


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