Louis Vuitton is selling a £682 pencil case and people think it’s ‘the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever seen’


WHEN it comes to lusting after designer pieces for our wardrobes, most of us have a coveted Gucci belt saved in our shopping bags along with a Mulberry handbag… or two.

But while there’s a certain satisfaction with saving up for an item you know you’re going to love and cherish, Louis Vuitton has only gone and released a luxury item we’re pretty certain NO ONE needs in their lives… no matter how incredible their colouring pencil collection.

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Louis Vuitton will be releasing a set of monogrammed colouring pencils with a wraparound case Rumoured to release at the end of March for around $900 🗣 – @lvj12

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Yes according to the fashion news Instagram account Supreme Leaks News, the French designer Louis Vuitton is set to launch a pencil case worth £682 next month.

Now that’s an eyewateringly high percentage of our yearly expenses we’d rather not think about.

Funnily enough, the plush leather pencil case with solid gold hardware detail looks a lot like the roll-up designs we used to have in primary school.

But instead of selecting one of WHSmith’s fine array of highlighter colours, this bonkers designer offering is instead plastered with the iconic Louis Vuitton logo.


Forget pencil cases, we’d much rather splash the cash of some Louis Vuitton’s coveted handbags[/caption]

Unsurprisingly, the luxury item caused quite a stir in the comments – with one describing it as ‘the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever seen.”

Poking fun at the price point, one user replied: “What happens when [the pencils] are all sharpened to the point where they’re unusable? Refill? Or just flush another £1,000 down the drain?”

Meanwhile, another added: “I better be able to draw like Picasso or Van Gough for 900 bucks.”

However, not everyone was so against the bonkers design.

One shopaholic wrote: “OMG! It’s one of those things you don’t need but just really want to own!”

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